R E B E C A   N U E Z   S U A R E Z

Nuez Suarez’s performance of the Chaconne soars with untamed expressiveness and musical maturity. Infused with a distinct sense of personality, her rendition is as daring and emotional as it is respectful to the piece’s interpretive tradition. A violinist of outstanding talent and musical sensitivity, Rebeca Nuez Suarez is set to shine brightly in the firmament.



Part of a growing cohort of performers winning new audiences for classical music, Rebeca has stellarly emerged as a sensitive artist who clearly knows how to immerse her audience in the sweet depths of music.


The passion Rebeca Nuez Suarez demonstrates for her craft is undeniable.

Augusta Free Press


Rebeca Nuez Suarez forma parte de una generación de músicos jóvenes y talentosos que están abriendo un nuevo camino en la difusión de la música clásica.

Melómano Digital


Su técnica completa y segura, unida a un evidente acento personal, configuran a una intérprete muy prometedora.

La Provincia



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